Blueprint CT will be one of only two US retailers carrying MARK+FOLD.  Founded in 2015, to create an alternative to mass-market stationery. The result is a range of modern notebooks and cards, which celebrate special papers and bindings.

Made on a small scale, and individually-numbered, everything we produce has been inspired by materials and the story behind their making. We like using papers made in Scotland and the Lake District, but will go as far away as Japan for something truly extraordinary.

Our stationery is minimal, modern and elegant. We feel that a notebook belongs to its user, so as designers we exercise restraint and leave things as ‘blank’ as possible, letting the materials speak for themselves.

Our process involves hand-making at our London studio, where we bind notebooks using traditional techniques. We also work closely with small specialist factories in the UK and Holland, who share our attention to detail.

Since we launched in November 2015, we have released a series of limited edition notebooks, each celebrating a different material or binding technique. Since 2016 we have also run a stationery subscription, which allows our subscribers to follow each new design as it is released.

We have been selling online since November 2015, and are proud to have a reached people from San Francisco to Singapore. We take great delight in wrapping items for our customers, and hand-writing receipts.

Bringing only the finest in every category, Blueprint CT carries a diverse line of MARK+FOLD.

Hilary Adorno